How Can You Find Comfort In God?

There are times in life when everyone suffers trials. These trials may come in the form of physical or mental illness, death, and other forms of loss. Suffering is, unfortunately, often a fact of life, even for those who love God. However, Christians who suffer do not have to feel hopeless because they have the love and support of Jesus Christ. Looking to God in times of trouble can help you seek the comfort that only comes through Him. These are four of the ways you can find comfort in God:

1. Draw close to God.

When you need comfort, you can find it in the presence of God. God is always present, no matter where you go. However, sometimes people get distracted and forget about Him. You can find comfort in the presence of God by praying and spending time with Him through daily devotionals. Times of trouble can sometimes be blessings in disguise as people are reminded to rely upon the Lord.

2. Give thanks.

It's easy to feel thankful when everything is going well and your life is full of blessings. It can be harder to find your sense of gratitude in the midst of suffering. However, there's no better time to give thanks to God than when you're in the middle of a trial. Gratitude can bring a profound sense of comfort as it reminds you of the good things in your life. Thanking God in prayer for the things He has given you can help you to focus on the good things all around you.

3. Take God's promises to heart.

God promises His people many things in the Bible. The Bible often talks about God's love for His creations, especially mankind, who are made in His image. God promises that He will never abandon His children, which can be of great comfort in troubling times. Reading your Bible is one way to remind yourself of God's promises. As you read, think about the nature of God. God is all-loving and all-powerful, and He never tells a lie, which means you can rely on Him for all your needs.

4. Look to God's creations.

Finally, you can find comfort in the many wonderful things that God has made. The beauty of nature can fill your heart with wonder and take your mind off your struggles. Your pets and family members are also created by God, and they can work as agents of God to comfort you in your time of need.

For more help with seeking comfort in God, contact a local church or religious professional.

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