Ways That Catholic School Students Learn About The Value Of Service

One of the reasons that parents choose to send their children to Catholic high school is for the not only the quality of the formal education that the students receive, but also for the daily lessons that are a part of this type of schooling. One of the central elements to a faith-based education is service — understanding the value of helping out others without expecting anything in return. As a parent, you'll appreciate that your children will learn the important of service at school, and you should start to see this mindset becoming present in their lives outside of the classroom, too. Here are some ways that your children will learn about service.

In The School

One of the first ways that Catholic school students often learn about service is learning how to help their fellow students. Faith-based schools often emphasize the value of inclusion. This means that there shouldn't be any student who feels left out, whether he or she is new to the school or perhaps has a different background than the majority of the other students. Students will learn that when they see a student alone in the cafeteria, it's important to sit down with this student or invite him or her to join their own group. Learning this positive way to treat others should instill good habits in your children.

In Their Community

Catholic school students quickly learn that service isn't just about interacting positively with their fellow students. It's also about going out into the community and being of service to those who need it. You can expect the school to have specific outings at which the students volunteer their time for the betterment of others, whether it's visiting a retirement home to sit with the residents and play board games, or perhaps sorting donations for a holiday toy drive. Such events help to improve the community as a whole.

In The World

It may be possible for your Catholic school student to apply what he or she is learning about service outside of your community. Sometimes, students have the fortune of embarking on trips in which they visit underserved or developing areas to help those in need. Such a trip could take place across the state, across the country, or even in a different nation. This trip can be an opportunity for your child to better understand the needs that other people face daily, and to be of service to them.

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