How To Tell If Your Loved One May Be Ready For An Assisted Living Environment

If you are starting to find that you are wondering whether the elderly loved one in your family is ready for an assisted living environment, you will want to review the following points.

Inability To Keep Up With Personal Hygiene

It is important for your family member to keep up with his or her personal hygiene. However, as a person ages and develops various medical problems, completing tasks that may be simple to a lot of people becomes much more difficult. He or she may not be able to bend over, reach up, button shirts, handle small objects like a brush or toothbrush, or stand for too long without risking falling to the floor. If you are starting to notice that your family member is starting to physically struggle and is therefore experiencing a lack of proper personal hygiene upkeep, it may be time to talk to someone about moving him or her to a nice assisted living home.

No Longer Taking Prescribed Medication As Directed

It is not only important for the improvement or stability of one's health to take prescribed medication correctly, but it can be incredibly dangerous not to depending on what the medication is for. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your elderly loved one is taking his or her medication as directed by the doctor. Check the prescription bottles and count how many pills are remaining compared to how many should be remaining according to the refill date and the daily dosage. If there are one or two pills missing or that are extra in the bottle, you may just want to inquire as to why that would be. It may be nothing more than a pill accidentally dropped into the sink or your family member forget one of their doses of medication one day. However, if you a re noticing that there is a drastic difference in what should be left and what is left, it may be time to seek help from an assisted living facility. The staff there would be able to monitor medication dosages, as they generally keep all of the medication bottles and simply hand out that day's medication when it is time to take it.

By considering the previous two points, you should have a much better idea as to whether it is time to schedule a consultation with an admissions counselor at a quality assisted living facility in your area, such as United Methodist Village.

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