Six Tips To Create The Perfect Yoga And Meditation Ambiance

If you practice meditation and/or yoga, having the right environment is key to relaxing and emptying your mind of distractions and negative thoughts. Here are six tips you can use to create the perfect yoga and meditation ambiance for you, whether you have a whole room to devote to your practice or a special corner somewhere in your home.

Find the right temperature.

Remember the story of Goldilocks, who wanted everything to be "just right" in the three bears' cabin? You want to be like her when setting the temperature of your meditation/yoga space.

You'll be sitting or lying still, so you don't want the room to be too cold. On the other hand, a space that is too warm will make you fall asleep, unless you're practicing hot yoga. Play with your thermostat, mini heaters, or fans, so you achieve the perfect temperature for you.

Declutter your space.

Your physical space is a reflection of your mind, and vice versa. Therefore, you want your meditation area to be clutter free and without visual distractions.

It's nice if you can paint the walls a soothing color, like pale blue, or if you can hang fabric or artwork to calm your mind. Keep all work and other reminders of "real life" out of sight. Also, make sure your space is free of dust and pet hair, since you'll be using the floor.

Make it quiet and tranquil.

In addition to wanting a visually tranquil space, you want one that is quiet as well. If your meditation spot isn't as silent as you would like, try using music, white noise, nature recordings, chimes, or a fountain to mask undesirable outside noise.

Add comfort for your body.

Whether you're performing yoga asanas or simply sitting in the lotus position, you want your body to be comfortable. A plush yoga mat, a meditation rug, and some pillows are a nice touch. When you're not distracted by discomfort, you'll be better able to relax and refocus your mind.

Accessorize as needed.

A few accessories for your space are fine. Depending on what type of practice you follow, any of the following may be appropriate:

  • candles
  • nature (plants, fish tank, window to a garden, etc.)
  • mirror (for yoga or positive affirmations)
  • yoga bricks, straps, etc.
  • religious icons (Buddha images, Hindu statues, Tibetan thangkas, love beads, shrine, etc.)

Don't forget about your apparel.

You want your clothing to be as comfortable as your space, and it should be non-binding and breathable. Yoga or tai chi pants are great on the bottom, while a loose top or tank is perfect on top.

These days you can find beautiful yoga graphic tanks and tees that you can wear everywhere, not just in your meditation space. These shirts feature yoga poses, Buddhist sayings, lotus blossoms, and Sanskrit symbols, so you can proclaim your interest in yoga and meditation wherever you go.

Congratulations on taking up yoga or meditation as a healthy and ages-old way of improving both your mind and body. When you follow these tips to create a wonderful space for yourself, you'll be motivated to take your practice to the next level and make it part of your lifestyle forever.  

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